Monday, August 21, 2006


Haha. My days at Pizza Hut lasted only 3 weeks.

Thursday last week was probably the last the fast food industry saw of me. And the following day, I celebrated that fact by buying my favourite drink -- O.J. Did It -- at San Francisco Coffee Mid Valley.

I think I deserved that little treat becos it had been a very tiring 3 weeks.

So why did I Did It (not just O.J. Did It)? Why did I quit when I was the one who was gung-ho about working part-time the other day? Just as how I had started, it was for no particular reason really. I just decided I didn't want to do it anymore.

Altho I must admit that by that time, the workload was getting to my head.

Imagine. Every day after working at NST, I put on my pizza boy uniform and walked to Mid Valley, where I would spend the next 4 hours running around taking orders, sending food, clearing tables and cleaning the restaurant before closing. Then when it was all over, hopped on the bus and train for home. By the time I got home, it was already midnight and time for bed.

Every morning I woke up thinking oh God, do I have to work again tonight? and weekends were spent recuperating.

I remember thinking how nice it would have been to be a customer.

If you were in my shoes, what the heck were you doing in my shoes? I would've forced you to return my shoes becos I needed them to go to work at Pizza Hut.

And all these for what? If my calculation is correct, I should pocket about RM200.

You don't need me to tell you that RM200 is not a lot of money these days.

Ah well, all is not lost. I did learn a few things:

1. Biggest achievement of all: not dropping a single plate or glass or piping-hot pizza on an angry customer.
2. Arab people love 'empty' cheese-only pizzas. They don't like pineapple. They sometimes don't like mushroom. They want their warm water not so warm ("you really think I can drink this??") and their cold drink not so cold.
3. So if an Arab family walk into the restaurant, spare yourself the hassle and get "Abang Ridzwan" to take their order.
4. A tip of a few ringgit won't make you rich but it's still something to be happy about.
5. If an order is late, a customer can easily become a cuss-tomer. You're dealing with hungry people here after all.
6. A shocker: apparently I look like orang Nepal. There are a lot of Nepalese working in the kitchen and they look likeMalays/Chinese, so some of the waiters thought I was one of the Nepalese until they saw my name and asked "Are you local?"
Heh. That was a first. I have always been told that I look Chinese.

1. Those damned table numbers. I never did remember all of them. After more than two weeks on the job, I still hadn't figured out how the numbering system works. Managed to screw up one order becos of it.

1. That stupid 'golf cap' that they made me wear.

In any case, a relationship has been formed and the nice manager has assured me that I am welcome to work there again any time I want. Err...