Monday, January 26, 2009

Arab man who speaks Kelantanese

I remember as a child, reading an article where the writer used a phrase, macam orang Arab cakap Kelantan, to describe something completely out of this world.

But today on YouTube, we have a living specimen of an Arab who speaks Kelantanese. And he does not come across as bizarre at all. Watch this video.

Isn't he a natural?

Ustaz Mohamad Abdul Aziz is a shariah graduate from Al-Azhar University who came to teach in Malaysia in 2003.

He began learning Kelantanese from the many Malaysian students in Al-Azhar and spent 10 years perfecting his accent.

The first word he learnt was kecek (speak).

To master a language, says Mohamad, you need to mix with the people and eat their food. And watch P. Ramlee movies.

In the video, the ustaz also comments on the Mat Rempit menace in Kota Bharu. "Saya tengok macam tak ccayo. Pelek-pelek la diaorang buat. Kalu kat sini mana boleh buat gitu, kena tangkap ppoleh lah. (I couldn't believe my eyes. They did all sorts of stunts. You can't do those things here, the police will come after you.)"