Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The joys of being single

I've been quiet the past couple weeks, and if you're wondering why, it's because I've been busy living.

First there was this school reunion that we had a few weekends back. I was a student of SMKA Selangor (or Sekolah Menengah Agama Selangor or SMAS, as we like to call our school) from 1989-91 for my Forms 1 to 3.

It was nice to see some of my former schoolmates again after all these years. The girls still looked as good as they were 15 years ago. I was impressed! Apparently, we had a lot of good djinns those days in the school.

(Maybe what I meant was genes, good genes.)

It was also nice to attend the function as a single for a change. Most of the ex-SMASians there were married and they brought along their kids. I like kids and I like family but I also like singlehood. It's exactly where I want to be at the moment.

Afida didn't manage to attend the reunion even though she was back in KL for a while from NZ. She had to be at the UMNO general assembly. Not to deliver a speech this time, I was told, although she was busy running around. Bakal pemimpin negara (future national leader) from the looks of it! Having said that, I do believe there is no shortage of honest, dedicated and professional young people like her among those working with the Opposition too.

And then there was the China Open Badminton Super Series over the weekend. Well ok, watching TV is not exactly 'living', and watching badminton at that. But it's like this: the joys of being single, right? Wong Mew Choo is THE current last word in women's singles. She beat three top Chinese players en route to winning the China Open. One is the current world champion, one Olympic champion and the last one is the current world number 1. And this was in their own backyard and she was trailing in the final game and the Chinese girl was much taller. But she refused to be defeated by all these. Obviously it paid off in the end. US$17,250, to be exact. Phwoar!

I'm still shaking my head nowadays thinking of Mew Choo's feat. Unbelieavable!

And last night, I went to my first ever concert. Yeah, sad, isn't it? Never been to a concert all my life. Anyway, that is now fixed. I went to see James Ingram and Kool and The Gang with my colleague Nurris. Gotta love 80s music!

Come to think of it, maybe last night wasn't exactly my first concert. In 1998, I was at the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony and they had a concert towards the end, where they introduced a couple new acts from the Commonwealth countries. You might recognise some of them... people like The Corrs and Donna Lewis (I Love You Always Forever, remember?) and a few others.

Even Raihan was there and I remember watching this funny incident involving a Mat Salleh spectator, who went onstage uninvited, put him arm around Nazrey Johani and attempted to sing along to the Raihan tunes. Nazrey looked shocked from where I was seated. Hehe. But he still managed to finish the song.