Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Another breakthrough

I was at the pool early today, so I took the opportunity to try out a waterproof pouch that Dolphin had shown me some time back.

The pouch allows you to bring your phone with you into the pool. It works even with touchscreen phones.

I was curious to know if it would work with my iPhone. I slipped my phone inside and it did!

So I wasted no more time. I jumped into the pool for the first time with my iPhone. Here's what I discovered:

1. It works above water, yes, but as soon as you dunk the thing in, the iPhone's touchscreen refused to work. At all. I was hoping to snap some underwater photos and do a mobile upload to Facebook, but couldn't.

All the other buttons -- the Home button, volume control, etc -- work fine.

So if your phone has physical buttons for the camera, you should be able to take underwater shots.

2. You can receive calls and hear the caller's voice -- even underwater! But you can't answer. Well you can, but all the person at the other end will hear will be blub blub.

3. You can listen to music while underwater.

Look out for the full review in NST Wednesday next week in Thingamajiggy.

Apart from that, today I made another breakthrough in swimming: I learnt to do the flip. You know, the manouevre that competition swimmers do when they want to change directions at the end of a lap.

The first step is to blow through your nose while flipping. Very important! Oherwise, water will shoot straight into your sinus when you are face up underwater.

I was so happy to have learnt that, that I did the manouevre again and again!