Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rubber bricks

We have started using rubber bricks at the pool lifesaving training these days.

These bricks are about the size of regular bricks but made of rubber. They're quite heavy. Make you wonder if you can hold them up in the water but actually you can.

I have seen people tread water holding up a chair!

Last week, we learnt to duck dive and pick up a brick from the bottom of the pool. Then hold the brick aloft and tread water for 10 seconds. Then dive in again, swim 25m under water and pick up a second brick and repeat the water treading thing.

I couldn't do the 25m underwater swim. Not yet anyway. Underwater breath hold still makes me nervous. When you're nervous, you use up energy. I am therefore going to learn to relax more in the water in the next few weeks.