Saturday, August 18, 2007

The 5-minute music video

OK so I'm finally gonna put this video up here.

The title of this post is very misleading. Five minutes doesn't refer to the length of this video as you probably think. Five minutes refers to the time it took to MAKE the video, from shooting to editing to exporting.

I am not kidding. I made this video some time back, shortly after Apple introduced the MacBook with its tiny built-in camera.

The first thing I did when I got my hands on the MacBook was to fire up iMovie, hold it up with both hands so I could see myself in the camera and start shooting while walking around the office.

If you see me talking in the video, it was because people kept asking me what I was doing.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I don't normally post song lyrics, but this is what is playing on my mind a lot lately.

Maybe becos I'm currently playing with a TV tuner and happened to be recording a Michael Bublé video on my Mac the other day, and was just fooling around with the video, editing, putting my name into it and just generally enjoying bits and pieces of the song.

It's weird having this song playing over and over again in my head and not thinking about anyone in particular.

Michael Bublé

You're a falling star, you're the getaway car
You're the line in the sand when I go too far
You're the swimming pool, on an August day
And you're the perfect thing to say

And you play your card, but it's kinda cute
Ah, when you smile at me you know exactly what you do
Baby don't pretend, that you don't know it's true
Cause you can see it when I look at you

And in this crazy life, and through these crazy times
It's you, it's you
You make me sing
You're every line, you're every word, you're everything

You're a carousel, you're a wishing well
And you light me up, when you ring my bell
You're a mystery, you're from outer space
You're every minute of my everyday

And I can't believe, uh that I'm your man
And I get to kiss you baby just because I can
Whatever comes our way, ah we'll see it through
And you know that's what our love can do

And in this crazy life, and through these crazy times
It's you, it's you
You make me sing
You're every line, you're every word, you're everything
You're every song, and I sing along
Cause you're my everything

So, La, La, La, La, La, La, La
So, La, La, La, La, La, La, La

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Masuk macam pencuri, keluar macam pencuri

Are we losing our common decency?

About a month ago, my brother brought in a friend to stay in our house. Said it was temporary. Fine. After all, we did have an empty room.

Brother told me on a Saturday. Friend came in the next day. But the guy didn’t even introduce himself. Just unloaded his stuff in the house and buggered off for the night.

That’s like saying, “I got this room and this parking space because of your brother. You do not matter.”

Still, I decided to give him the benefit of a doubt. Maybe he was shy.

A week passed by. Then two weeks. I still didn’t know this guy’s name or where he’s from or what he does.

It didn’t help that we had very minimal contact becos he does what many young Malay guys do: sleep during the day and go out at night.

Then one night last week, I caught him loading some of his stuff into his car, with someone he called his girlfriend waiting in the car.

A few days later, brother told me friend had left. Said he had found a new place to stay.

No thank you, no goodbye, nothing whatsoever.

As the person who helps keep the household running, I couldn't help feeling a little upset especially since I paid for his electricity and water and the occasional cooked food.

He came in like a thief and he left like a thief.