Monday, March 05, 2007

Learning a foreign language: how to make it fun

Here's how: have a chapter about dating.

Our Swedish lesson this morning was about 'Ett Restaurangbesok', which means A Visit to the Restaurant. It's a conversation between the two main characters in our book, Daniel and Åsa, who are a couple.

It starts innocently enough. They both ask each other what they want to eat and what they were up to the previous week. Daniel talks about his leave and about football, while Åsa (pronounced "o-sa") complains about how she couldn't take leave becos she had to stand in for her colleagues. "So synd att jag maste arbeta. (It's a pity I had to work.)"

Then Daniel starts getting a little frisky and says he likes her. "You, Åsa, I like you so much."

Åsa: Ah, don't go all sentimental now. I like coffee -- and you. Do you wanna have coffee now or do you wanna have dessert first?

Daniel: No thanks, I'm full. Say, let's have coffee at my place. My coffee is SO good.

Åsa: OK. Shall we pay the bill?

By that time, all of us in the class were like 'heh-heh-heh' with a knowing grin plastered across our faces. ;)

I'm still grinning now as I write this. I think it's funny becos this was not how most of us learnt English. I don't think you'll find this in a book meant for children.

p.s: I looked at the chapter again just now and noticed that hey -- that Daniel character is blushing! ;)