Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lifesaving day 4

I think I have figured out the efficient way of towing people.

So far, my victims are all bigger than me. Their bodies have a tendency to sink if you don't pull them fast enough.

I had to figure out how to swim faster without using too much energy.

Today I discovered I could do this by kicking twice, followed by a hand sweep.

At the same time, I took care to swim gracefully so as not to splash too much water onto the victim's face.

We did all 3 different towing techniques over a distance of 75m each, so that made a total of 225m.

P.s: I think it's good that my victims are bigger than me. It's an opportunity to get used to having to work twice as hard as other people.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Five years ago, when I just separated from my wife and was lonely, I made a list of the kind of person I would become in five year's time. And on that list, among other things, was "I would be a damn good swimmer, good enough to save people".

I got rid of my fear of water in 2009. Well, the other day, I took another step forward by taking up lifesaving.

Yesterday was our third lesson and I was finally ready to admit: THIS THING IS DAMN DIFFICULT!

The first few lessons were relatively easy. We were taught how to pull our victims onto the poolside and the correct way to jump and swim in lifesaving.

We were also taught the various ways of towing our victims in the water.

Yesterday, we had to do the towing thing, but over a distance of 50m for each technique.

We were also made to water tread using only our legs over a total of 200m.

My legs almost cramped. Also, during the towing exercises, both my victim and I drank some pool water in the process. My victim Azam is bigger than me and not very buoyant.

In the final exercise, a 100m sprint, I was so exhausted from it all and came in last among the guys.

Next week, instructor Dolphin Lee and his assistants are gonna make us swim in jeans and long sleeved shirts. It will be interesting.

This is some of the hardest things I have ever done at the pool but I'm taking it all in my stride. Because I have made my decision. Years ago, I decided that I would get good at this.